Trick or Treat

by christinapetrovski93

Decided I would give this a try. Won’t hurt me, right? I’m not too good at finding interesting topics to talk about, and I don’t know what people will care to read. I guess I’ll improve on that. It’s currently October, and my town is experiencing summer weather (makes up for the constant rain this summer I guess). I’ve been brainstorming Halloween costumes, and now with the warm weather, the options have grown! Warmer weather = less clothing aka sluttier costume (because no one can judge on Halloween)


My costume ideas are as follows: A tiger, a VS angel (not in lingerie of course) and… that’s all I’ve come up with. The tiger costume isn’t too revealing, which is good incase it does get chilly at night. Here are some inspirations for this holiday.


the tiger I would wear with leggings (American Apparel).