Midterm Craziness

by christinapetrovski93

Feels as though professors don’t realize that we have other classes aside from theirs. I am completely swamped with school work, and midterms, not to mention I was stuck in the E.R all day yesterday. Had an Ovarian Cyst rupture, and it just wasn’t the best feeling: lost a day of studying to that. I have half of a midterm for a course tomorrow, and sad to say, I could care less about it. My mind is so exhausted from work today and from the pain I have been in the last two days that I am willing to not do so well on this exam. I can’t even find myself finishing one sentence while reading because my mind will daze off or I will start to fall asleep; far too stressed. I should really go get medicated for this. Adderall sounds very appealing at the moment.. 


And yes, this post is literally just a bitchy rant. I’m allowed to whine once in a while.