Calling All Millennials: Here’s 10 Things You Should Never Post On Instagram

by christinapetrovski93

Thought Catalog

I kind of hate Instagram, but that doesn’t stop me from using it daily. It’s a dearth of bad selfies, pets, babies, and mediocre meals. These are familiar complaints that have been made (to hilarious effect) in videos like this:

The only interesting stuff comes from people you care about in real life or from those who are famous or otherwise fabulous enough to post about exotic travels, gourmet meals, designer clothes, or unreasonable beauty/fitness/talent. It’s about basting in your own FOMO (that’s Fear of Missing Out, to those of you who didn’t know and are probably still happy) and trying your best to inspire it in others. It’s an addictive time suck, but at least now we’ve got something to do in awkward public situations besides fake-texting. Here are a few cliché, boring, and annoying shots to avoid.

1. The bathtub one.

I get it: bubble baths are lovely…

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